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In November of 2016 we officially became the 14th recognized Veterinary Technician Specialty (VTS) Academy by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in American and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

What does VTS (Veterinary Technician Specialist) or VNS (Veterinary Nurse Specialist) mean? The acronyms are used to certify that the holder has applied, qualified, and passed an exam to gain membership to the Academy designated by using “VTS” or “VNS”.  * “VNS” can only be used by those where veterinary nurses are legally recognized.

For the ALAVTN specifically our membership certification mark (VTS-LAM or VNS-LAM) means that members possess a high level of technical skill, highly ethical character aligned with our mission, and can provide an advanced level of service to research organizations. 

Certification Categories:

  1. Research Clinical Nursing, with species categories of “Traditional” and “Non-Traditional”– A person spending 70% of their time providing project support and general veterinary care to research animals.

    As of 2021 the ALAVTN Board voted to merge the once subcategory of “Large Animal” species into the “Traditional” species category.

  2. Research Surgeon - A person who spends 70% of their time performing surgical procedures and provides veterinary care to research animals.

  3. Research Anesthetist- A person who spends 70% of their time providing anesthesia and analgesia support to research animals.
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